About Us

As one of the oldest accredited club in DIU, mission of Daffodil International University Debating Club (DIUDC), is to encourage and facilitate the acquisition and refinement of public speaking skills by its students. DIUDC strives to broaden the university debating experience for its members by participating in debates both on campus, nationwide and abroad. With students from all faculties and walks of life, this club thrives on the unique perspectives and contributions that each of its members bring forward.

DIUDC builds valuable public speaking, critical thinking and argumentation skills in its members.  Members of this club practice these skills in weekly debates on a wide variety of current issues. Participating in debate makes its members more confident speaker, teaches you to analyze issues quickly and effectively, and makes them more informed about the world around.

The gateway of this club is open for all its students. Any student cherishes to be argumentative, rational and presentable on way of turning to be a person with challenging career and strong personality.